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  • Trip to Paris ~ About Estelle Ramousse

    Forgive me but I just wanted to do a whole blog post about Estelle.

    Estelle Ramousse, Modiste
    Spending an entire day with Estelle taught me so much about the lifestyle of a milliner, a Parisian and an artist. I wanted to share a little bit of that with you.

    First of all she is an adorable, outspoken, warm and friendly person. Every minute we spent together she was expressive and fun. We talked about millinery, sewing, teaching, living in Paris and music all while working in her studio/store. She kept singing the lyrics "jive turkey" from a 70s funk band we watched on YouTube. I wish I could remember the groups name right now but it escapes me.

    A knit hat for Estelle
    A gorgeous leather and fabric hat for me!

    Estelle's shop and studio is located on a block that hosts a number of other artists. Directly across the street was a sculpture's studio, next door was her photographer and up the street a potter worked in a front window. Estelle said she tried working in her window for a while but became tired of the people on the street gawking at her.

    Last year Estelle took a month-long vacation to Mexico. (she has some amazing photos on her
    FB page, if you want to check them out) And I could see how she took inspiration from the Mexican culture to create some amazing hats. Throw in her interest in New Guinea, as well...

    Cactus Flower

    Estelle gets work from many different clients. Some walk in from off the street. Some are students. And some come from the theater, film or TV. Those jobs inspire her to build outrageous fantasy pieces that are amazing. Those kinds of hats attract photographers to her asking to use her creations in photo shoots.

    This hat includes a variety of feathers and a pair of quills for horns.
    Look closely and you'll see pheasant hackles, ostrich, pliots, and peacock feathers
    Work in progress.
    Can you see the black feathers she covered the entire scull cap with?
    Those are hand sewn.

    More about Estelle in the next post!