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  • Trip to Paris ~ More About Estelle Ramousse

    Jeana and Estelle being silly

    One of the best things about travelling is making friends.

    Estelle was not only a great teacher and milliner, but also a gracious friend and host. She invited Jeana and I for a stroll up the street to see an amazing view of Paris from the Parc de Belleville. Wow! We could see the entire city laid out before us while Parisians strolled with their dogs, children and friends.

    Above the Parc de Belleville
    View from the Parc
    Then Estelle took us up the Rue des Envierges to the Rue des Cascades where we sat outside a small bar and toasted a day well spent.

    The Bar
    The View from Cascades
    After drinks we strolled down the block for dinner in a local cafe. We were entertained by a "jazz" band which made Jeana feel very much at home (She live in Portland).
    Le Hot Jazz
    French Dinner - yum!

    The reason I added all this information to my blog is to give you an idea of what Estelle's lifestyle is like. She is fortunate enough to work next to many artists. And when their work is done they hang out together in the local bars and restaurants. I don't know if Estelle realizes it but this is such a wonderful place for artists. I envy her and feel privileged that she gave us a glimpse of Parisian life!

    Estelle's neighbor - a photographer- drops by!

    Pretty great life, no? Oui!